Sharepoint 2010 Webanalytics does not show any Data

Uh oh, this problem is well known in sp. No Webanalytics data on a Sitecollection will not be shown.

I got an message like “You get old data as in the ribbon displayed “Data Last Updated:….”

  • Ensure that “Usage and Data Health Data Collection” service is configured correctly
  • Ensure that the Log Collection Schedule ist configured correctly
  • Ensure that the Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation Usage Data Import  and Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Processing Timer job are running (and configured)
  • Ensure that you enabled the Web Analytics Trigger Workflows timer Job ist enabled (for each site you need the analytics)

If you enabled and configured all of the services above, then you must wait one day, because the analytics reports will be updated on 2:00 am in the morning. I didn’t found a solution to trigger it manually. But when I came along the next day, the report data will be corretly provisioned.

In my case the Usage Data Import job was not running, so a day later the reports shows me all the data I need.