Free up disk space after installing Office 2016

The Problem

I hava a main Volume with about 512 GB (as SSD).
This was far enough for my primary harddrive. But suddenly I get an red bar as disk usage indicator:


I now went to amazon, wan’t to order a bigger SSD, but wait. Let’s check who use now so much space.

I use a tool called TreeSizeFree for research. This tool check for me every file / directory on my selected drive and show me the space usage of them.
It seems that a directory calles “ClickToRun” (located in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\ClickToRun) claimed 22.3 Gb.


What is Click To Run?

This is a new way to install Software. This make it possible to stream the setup in the background, but with the advantage to execute the application. So instead to download a full installer, you will be able with this method to “click and run” the application while it will be installed in parallel.

The disadvantage with this are the huge amount of used diskspace in the directory mentioned above, because every update will be stored there and will never been deleted, so it will be growing up and claims more and more space.

On my machine ClickToRun was used for installing Office 2016.

Now Free up the diskspace claimed by Click To Run!

I figured out the in this folder conatins files / folders that was created months ago. So I backuped them onto another drive and removing all files / directories that was created bevore 2 months. After doing this, I start my Office again to check that everything is working correctly. After a quick verify, I deleted the backup files and say goodbye to them.

Suddenly I got 22 GB more free diskspace.